Millions of Americans are hurt in falls each year. Some fall because they lose balance as they age, but countless people in Arizona fall due to a defect on someone’s property. At CLS Law, we have worked with slip and fall victims to identify whether they have legal standing to sue for injuries suffered in a fall.

Arizona’s premises liability law is confusing, and your rights depend on why you were on the property in the first place. Call us for an overview of the process for obtaining compensation after a fall. We have won millions of dollars for injured victims, and our Gilbert slip and fall lawyer is prepared to go the extra mile for you.

Is Compensation Possible After A Slip and Fall Accident?

Yes! CLS has won many settlements for accident victims hurt on someone’s property. We must show that you were hurt by a defect that the owner either created or discovered and failed to fix.

Our clients often suffer horrifying injuries in a fall, including concussions, neck injuries, herniated discs, fractures, and other injuries. They might be stuck in bed for months as they wait patiently for their bodies to heal. They have massive medical bills and often suffer a drop in income because they cannot immediately return to work.

Our firm can negotiate for compensation to cover:

  • Medical care, including pain medication and rehabilitation
  • Ongoing medical treatment for serious or permanent injuries
  • Lost wages and loss of future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium

There is no “average” or “standard” settlement. Instead, we request financial compensation based on your particular case. Someone with life-altering injuries can receive more money than someone whose injuries are merely temporary. But everything depends on your facts.

How Our Accident Attorneys Can Help

To improve your odds of winning a fair settlement, call our firm. Premises liability claims are not as straightforward as many victims think. The property owner might deny they knew about the defect, or they could even blame you for failing to watch where you were going.

A Gilbert slip and fall attorney can:

  • Collect evidence of the hazard. Many people slip and fall due to spilled water or ice, loose tiles, trash on the floor, and other hazards. We will immediately get to work finding proof this hazard caused your fall. For example, we might ask a store to preserve CCTV footage of the accident, which can show you didn’t fall over your own feet.
  • Help document your losses. In addition to proving liability, you need to show how much money the fall has cost you. We can work with medical experts to understand your prognosis and need for ongoing care.
  • Coordinate with insurers. If you fall in a store, then we negotiate with the store’s liability insurer. They will require mountains of evidence, including medical information, statements, and so on. Let us handle this for you.
  • Negotiate for a settlement. CLS wins cases that other firms won’t even touch. Once we know what happened, we can aggressively fight for your rights by negotiating one-on-one with the defendant or their insurer.

Let us do all the legal work for you. Focus on your recovery and healing.

What Duties Are You Owed?

Arizona’s slip and fall laws are part of the general law of premises liability. This law lays out the duties a property owner owes to people on the premises.

The duties depend on your “status”—meaning, why you were on the property:

  • Invitee. An invitee is invited onto the property by the owner. Invitation can be expressed or implied. For example, a store which opens its doors is inviting the public to come in and shop. The property owner must warn or remedy an unreasonably dangerous condition which they either know or should know about.
  • Licensee. A person is a licensee if they are invited onto the property for a social reason. The most common example is a neighbor or friend who stops by to visit. The property owner must warn a guest of a hidden danger the owner knows about.
  • Trespasser. A person is trespassing when they enter and/or stay without permission. A property owner’s sole duty is to avoid causing willful or wanton injury to the trespasser.

Children are a special category. A property owner might owe higher duties to a child, depending on the facts. As an example, certain objects could entice a child to trespass, like a swimming pool or abandoned appliances. The property owner must protect children in certain situations.

Steps To Take After Your Slip and Fall

A major disagreement is whether the hazard existed which caused you to fall. Some property owners will claim you fell because you were distracted by a phone or didn’t pay attention. Blaming you is part of their legal strategy: they don’t want to pay you a penny of compensation.

For example, you could slip on a puddle of water, only for the owner to mop it up after you leave. Or you slip on loose tiles, which they secure more thoroughly after you’ve departed the premises to go to the hospital.

You can help your case by documenting the hazard as soon as possible after you fall. Use your cell phone to take at least a couple of pictures of the hazard. If you can’t move, ask someone nearby to take a photo, or at least get the names of eyewitnesses. They can back up your story.

Another source of dispute will be the severity of your injuries. The defendant or their insurer might deny you are hurt, or they claim your pain is temporary. They could even send a private investigator to stake out your house and photograph you outside. Work with your lawyer to develop the evidence to prove your serious injuries.

How We Can Help Win Your Case

CLS Law is an up-and-coming personal injury law firm in Gilbert. We are building our reputation by providing high-quality legal services to accident victims in Gilbert, without fear of large corporate defendants on the other side of a courtroom. We can immediately strengthen your case by jumping in to document your fall and injuries.

Our firm will protect your rights by getting a lawsuit filed before the statutory deadline, found at Arizona Revised Statutes § 12-542. In Arizona, victims get two years to file from the day of the accident. Even though we settle most cases, filing a lawsuit protects your leverage in settlement talks.

We also will minimize your own comparative negligence. Arizona reduces a victim’s financial compensation by their share of fault. Did you contribute to your slip and fall? For example, you might have had your nose pressed to your phone and failed to see a pile of trash on the floor. Although you aren’t entirely to blame, you do share some fault for slipping and falling.

At CLS Law, we always fight to minimize the fault of our clients. We ensure your voice is heard in the process and your injuries are respected.

Contact Us Today to Learn More about Your Rights

Slip and fall victims can struggle with lingering pain and disability, sometimes for years. These are tough accidents. The pain can prevent even the most dedicated victim from protecting their rights. You deserve a seasoned legal advocate by your side who knows how to negotiate settlements and take whatever steps are necessary to win. Let us assist you.

Please call CLS Law at (855) 257-9467 to speak with a Gilbert slip and fall lawyer at our firm in a free consultation. You will not have to pay us anything unless we win your case.